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performing songwriter and recording artist


Just what the world needs - another woman who thinks she can sing and play the guitar, right? RIGHT!!! She DOES and she CAN, and you will want to hear her! Not only can she sing and play but she has something authentic to say and delivers it in a way that makes you want to hear it again and again!  


Raised in a modest suburban neighborhood of Central Ohio, Sandra grew up pestering her parents for a guitar from about eight years of age.  Before the guitar Sandra "played" the tennis racket and an old corn broom with little notable success.  By age ten, Sandra was already writing poetry and her parents presented her with her first guitar that Christmas with which she set about teaching herself on for the next 5 years.  Ironically, Sandra's first public performance at age eleven was "The Last Song" by Edward Beare, but that was by no means the end of the story...

Who is Sandra Knight?

Sandra Knight

Fast forwarding to her young adult years ... Knight began professionally performing at the tender age of nineteen touring with the lounge act known as "Johnny Myers & Company" and after a time returned home to Ohio and solo performing. Knight struggled with the anxiety of introducing her original songs to the public but when she began singing her own material her original music was enthusiatically received and over time she began integrating more original songs into her shows.  Not to slight Knight as a cover artist, Sandra can take a popular cover tune from Patsy Cline's "Sweet Dreams" to Creedence Clear Revival's "Bad Moon Rising" and make it her own in a way that will make you appreciate songs you've known anew!


Like most all musicians, Knight has spent time off the beaten music tract in an effort to make a living and pay the bills.  She has served both in the United States Navy and as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer with the National Park Service.  After leaving federal service, Sandra returned to school and received her Bachelor's of Science in Music Therapy in 2002 from Maryville University.